This is not at all what I thought it would be

Ever wonder through that statement in your mind? “This is not at all what I thought it would be.”  I have. And I’ve meant it negatively until recently.  

I am often asked, “how did you get into Finance when you were headed down a music path?”

Seems odd right? My career and education started in music performance. I am a singer/songwriter and guitarist. I auditioned with 4 big name record labels and even have music published to iTunes. I have a passion for music and expression of creativity. Yet, I don’t pursue this or even do this part-time. In fact, it could be argued that I’m doing the exact opposite. From writing and performing at 15 to finance and technology now, what gives?  Supposedly two different sides of the brain even. But I don’t think it quite works that way.

I am asked frequently if I miss music or if I feel like I gave up on my dream. As a mom, I don’t even know what that means anymore. My family is my dream. But I get the question.

To that, here is a quote that I like goes something like this:

“Life is what happens to you when you are busy making plans.”

Far too many times we guilt ourselves into believing that we gave up just because we veered right. We figure that since we didn’t become what we thought we would be at 15, we somehow failed at this whole life thing.  We feel that our best life lived inside those teenage dreams. I’m going to pause right there and mention I’m glad my 15-year-old game of MASH was NOT my reality. You feel me?

So why the big fuss now? Is it simply nostalgia or something deeper? As we matured, did we all (for the most part), give up on our dreams?

Reconciling Dreams to Reality

For several years I must have called my older sister every night with tension in my voice. In those discussions, we mostly talked about work. Initially, I had a hard time reconciling musician (what I dreamed of) to Finance and Technology (the reality). As I matured, life happened and things fell into place this way. But I still had to reconcile the two. So, sister asked me what it was about music and writing songs that I enjoyed. When I thought deeper about the question, I reconciled that what gave me fulfillment and joy was not the voice, performance or accolades. Turns out the reason why most people do anything, has very little to do with the thing they are actually doing. What gave me the fulfillment was when someone told me that they were ‘moved’ or ‘changed’ because of what I had to say.  The reason why I enjoyed doing music was that I was able to create something that effected change.

My sister, after years of hearing what excited me about my job, responded: “and Sarah, after all, you’ve said these past several years that is exactly what gives you meaning in your work: when you can create something that effects change for the organization.”  The reason why I did music is the same reason why I do business. Now isn’t that a gold nugget? Suppose I brought that reason into everything I did? I could theoretically be living the dream every day.

If we all broke down our dreams into reality, I wonder if we would see the same thing? Wouldn’t we see that it’s not necessarily the dream itself that creates our best life, but fulfilling the reason behind why we had those dreams in the first place? Perhaps our dreams matured as we did and we were simply too caught up in the nostalgia of the dream that we missed it entirely as it ‘grew up’ with us. 

So, instead of asking did we all give up on our dreams, I ask this question in response:

“Can it be that we have not missed out on our dream at all, instead can we bring the essence of that dream into everything we do?”

 Surely if we did, we would find a life that is not only profitable, fulfilling as well. When we reach that point we find purpose and tend to, no matter how small our line is, turn around and help the one behind us. 

The Birth of #UNTIL

This is where not only the idea of this blog was birthed, but additionally where purpose, need, fulfillment and community intersect. And this is exactly where I’m excited to share with you an exclusive platform for a growing community of #changers, #movers, #shakers of the traditional women who work movement. We have never been at more of an advantage to team together in our pursuits than now.  We have never had so many unique voices and stories to share #UNTIL now. Yet no one talks about the highs and lows of the woman workforce. No one challenges the women who seek change to first promote change within themselves #UNTIL now. And #UNTIL intends to bring these voices and stories to your inbox weekly.

Happy Birthday #UNTIL

A global women’s platform of informed professional women exciting change and promoting community for women, by women, with women. 

#UNTIL platform shares one vision: to promote change within it’s members so that they may challenge the future. Providing women with resources, connections and a platform with which to discuss professional topics from personal development to global and professional developments –  through professional interviews and podcasts to shared experiences, events and procurement of the only global platform to share your story and promote the change you seek.

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