The Soul never forgets

I am thankful that as we grow and mature; as provision and responsibility call us into our adulthood, as our worried aging minds forget who we aspired to be, who were are at our core, and who we can at any age strive to become, our soul never does. I am thankful for the second, third, hundredth change our soul gives us to settle and be ourselves. I am thankful that my four people, my tribe here at home allows me the flexibility and encourages me to rediscovery.

I am so thankful for my job. For provision and challenge. For a boss that continues to push me but offers heart and passion into a situation that pulls me out of my ridged work shell – to be human again. Becuase I have eyes again, even at work, to see outside of the twisted rat race.  And I have ears to hear the pounding of my unsettled heart.

I had once, long ago longed to write, sing, dance, act, paint. And the soul was unforgetting.

I am mindful that this world is so focussed on material aspirations, power, and status, that it is at every turn distracting.
accept that while I have a soul that never forgets and eyes that constantly see the small intricacies that make this world beautiful (of which none are found in material aspirations, power, and status) I am however constantly pulled into those directions out of fear.
I appreciate that I have an unforgetting soul that will everytime remind me of where I am happy and I will listen to its teachings.