Idle hands is the devil’s workshop, so they say. To an extent, I agree.  When our minds are left to their own devices, for too long, sometimes we can find ourselves in an emotional or time-wasting slippery slope.  However, I think the same can be true for the other swing of the pendulum, with a twist; busy hands are the devil’s tools.

Many times I find myself looking back over my week or month even and come to a stark and sad reality, I was so busy but with little to show for it. I recall moments I’ve turned down play time with the kids or reading time because I was busy, with something: work, school, laundry. Always something.  I found that what my heart desired most, creativity, music, time with my family, opportunities to go deeper with my knowledge of my kids and husband were being hijacked by the to-do lists in my life.  The things most important being overshadowed by the things least important.  Stealing my time and energy is the tool used to fill my time until there was no room for the big things in my life. Busy hands, the devil’s tool…

Today, we’ve run through a few Ed Sheran music videos and lego how to’s tutorials.  I am doing nothing.  To the kids, however, I’m doing everything they’ve wanted to do with me for some time now.  Up to and including showing me a lego house with a functioning toilet (lego excretions)

I’ve often been afraid to do nothing.  My mind can be a very dangerous place.  My husband tells me to not go in there alone.  But today I think I’ve finally gotten an idea of what the art of doing nothing looks like. Instead of retreating into the confines of my own devices, today, I concentrate on being emotionally and mentally available for those that I love in whatever capacity they may need.  This way, I have gotten into a deeper connection with my family, not fallen prey to my wondering mind, and have no guilt for ‘being lazy’.

The art of doing nothing; being emotionally and mentally available for those that I love, in whatever capacity that they may need.

MAA Log: Day 12
Mindfulness, Acceptance, Appreciation

I am mindful that I do not like silence, downtime, days void of to do list.  I am mindful that I am a goal seeker and goal oriented person. This is something that was bred of my upbrining. However, being available for others is just as fulfilling as those pesky checkboxes and strikethroughs.

I accept that only I hold the key to that free space in my mind, daytimer, and heart.  Only I can clear the space for others and it is my responsibility to assess whether or not I am merely living to check off my to-do list or if I am truly living with all the wonder our days are meant to bring us.

I appreciate that while time is unforgiving and relentless in it’s winding of the clock, it is, however, forgiving in our shortcomings and distractions if we let him.  Today is always a new day in which to learn from our mistakes and cease the day once more, sometimes even in the art of doing nothing.