Here at our mission is to empower and encourage others to live a more meaningful life, both inside and outside of work. We value education, reflection, and community. We aim to post content that is relevant, thought-provoking and motivational.

Think you have what it takes to be a contributor?

A fresh, relevant, and unique perspective is what makes tick! We are always on the lookout for contributors who can offer an engaging point of view covering topics ranging from work, entrepreneurship, money, travel, health & beauty and more.

Think you have what it takes to be a part of our growing base of contributors offering a personal take on thought leadership, planning, and life? Take a look at the following guidelines and click below to become a rock star contributor today.

What does it take to be a contributor?

How long do my posts need to be? Posts should run 700 to 800 words in length. Longer is okay, however, in the blogosphere, a post over 1,200 words is not usually well received.

What can I write About? Our content aims to educate and motivate. We are looking for articles that offer a relevant message, unique perspective, gives personal insight and includes actionable takeaways for our audience.

a. Look through the site to get ideas on format, style, message, and presentation. Make sure you submit articles that our audience and editors haven’t seen before.

b. Motivate yourself to write at least weekly, more if possible. The more content you have to share, the wider your network and circle of influence.Influence, after all, is what was created for! Additionally, your writing and ability to processes and communicate will increase directly with your volume of content.

c. Include your personal experience. What issues have you solved and what unique perspective can you bring. This is the story our readers and editors care to read.

d. Stay relevant. Current events and industry changes may help direct your message, tone, and approach. Stay abreast of current affairs, stay connected to the world around and consider how this shapes your thoughts, leadership, emotions, and values. Consider how your unique experience may impact business professionals, personal readers, and entrepreneurs alike.

e. Provide actionable advice. Be sure to include actionable advice or takeaways; tips that readers can put to use immediately. The best tips will be ones that our readers haven’t seen before or thought of in their day to day interactions.

Final Tip

Above all remember that people change people. Surround yourself with the type of person that you desire to be, then have fun using this platform to bring that change to our growing network.