Mindfulness is the aware, balance acceptance of the present experience. It isn’t more complicated than that.
– Sylvia Boorstein

In my attempt prepare my mind and performance at work for yet another acquisition and transition I am overloaded with anxiety, pressure, and nausea – to the point of sickness.  The last transition was anything but easy with a steep learning curve. The mountain ahead, even more so. Yet, I have very little time to hold onto the blood-curdling fear that was coming over me because we are hosting our niece all the way from Oregon.

As I meditate on our time with her and the additional time with my family, I am naturally thankful she is here with us – even more so that I am forced to work through my internal turmoil quickly in order to be present and appreciative of the moment.

Mindfulness, Acceptance, Appreciation

Mindfulness can change your perception and as they say, perception is a reality. What you think you attract, and what you attract you become. I have to find acceptance and appreciation in all that this life has to offer. There is simply no other way to be fulfilled or satisfied along this journey.