Most of our Fridays are filled in the same manner of most American Fridays; Netflix and chill. And I’ve come to realize that if the TV is the devil, then Netflix is it’s smarter, faster and more attractive spawn. Our family can get wrapped into its vicious claws of entertaining as it weaves us through dramas, comedies, suspense, and adventure.  At the end of every passing weekend that only seems to speed with the children’s age, we find that the days and nights poured over the blue screen, can make us, well, blue.  We find that while being entertained with other’s stories and lives, fictional or other, we forget that we have dramas, comedies, suspense and adventures of our own to live, to tell, to get ourselves lost.

So, instead of an average Friday for our little Schlottco, we got inspired to fill our walls once again with music, with creativity, with the outward display of “us.” We turned off the devil child and looked around at what was missing.  Our hearts continue to crave for creativity. Nothing has made this more apparent than our daughter’s new found love with sharing her creativity openly and freely with the world. She, on her own fruition, created a website where she shares her thoughts, her stories, her art. She doesn’t hesitate the way that I do.  She doesn’t care what others perceive the way that I do. She just does ‘her.’  => Check it out: <=

And in reply, we as a family decided not to care either. We would become ourselves again and put on display everything that we hold dear and love. The kitchen table now resides in the garage. The dining room farm table, rustic and more representative of us now sit in the kitchen. And the traditional front room that most would call the dining room has become a refuge for our souls. Our antique red piano invites our guest past my old faithful guitar and soon to be drum area into an atmosphere of freedom creativity and happiness.  This is now home.

I’m sitting more content than I’ve been in a long time. My mind pouring overall I’ve been thankful for, all I look forward to as we become ourselves again and my heart smiles; finally.