I am not alone

A collection of strokes 

Just as every piece of artwork is not one specific pen or brush stroke across a blank page, yet is a collection of all pen strokes that had come before and resulted in the final piece of artwork; similarly, we are not defined by this one moment or a specific period. If taken out, any single brush stroke across the canvas is not enough to identify a standard of said artwork, nor identify subject matter – there is no context for one stroke alone. So too the artwork that is our life.

We are not the bad day in the office, nor the failed attempt to be patient with our sons and daughters. And we are not the projects left undone on our desks and kitchen tables

We are a collection of brush strokes that has taken years to form. There is no context with one stroke. And these brush strokes have been performed by those that have come before us and will come after us.

Refuge in numbers

I find refuge in a collection of strokes – both placed by myself and those around me. That I can look at these strokes as strength. Strength from those strokes before me or strength for those strokes still waiting to be placed.

I am not alone. 

I am mindful that I am a collection of moments in time and cannot be defined by any one of them.

I accept that others affect me and I affect others. This gives me a deeper sense of connection and responsibility.

I appreciate that I am not alone and can draw strength from and for a collection of places.