adverb: anew
  1. in a new or different, typically more positive, way.

2 significant things have happened in our little family life the past couple of months:

  1. My daughter was invited to play on a summer Super Y soccer team (equivalent to baseball AllStars)
  2. My company is going through another acquisition.

Through these 2 events there is one resounding take away from me:

You can’t live off the success of the past, every day begins anew

With the Soccer invitation came a new level of skill development for my daughter. She felt out of her league because she was. Everything that she had done up to that point had gotten her to where she was, but now, she’s learning even more.

With the acquisition (both last time and again this season…) I was out of my league, again. Everything that I had done to that point had prepared me for the next step. However, I still had to make that next step. And the next. Then the next. I have to keep going.

While it’s easy to look back and see how far we’ve come, and while we should revel and be proud of those moments, we can not linger there too long.  Plateaus come out of complacency. Where there is potential to keep going, one should.

I can not live off the successes of my past. If I do, then that step, and consequently growth is never taken.

MAA Log Day 5: Every Day Begins Anew

I am mindful of all the successes that make up our past and find both pride and joy in them.

I accept that to continue to grow and move forward, I can not live on the success of my past, but make new ones each day. This is in my power and control to work this practice into my daily interactions and challenges.

I appreciate that every day begins anew. Every day I have an opportunity to start again. From where ever it is that I end one day, tomorrow begins again, and my slate is wiped clean.