I follow the blogs of many successful professionals and find one common thread running through them all:

Mental strength and agility is built, nurtured, and maintained by strengthening your body and spirit.

Connectedness between Mind, Body, and Spirit

There is an inner connectedness with our mind, body, and spirit. Strength or weakness in any one of these impresses upon the others. As we build up our organization, we learn that we can push through much more than we initially once thought. We find the strength to work hard and to persevere, to keep going the extra mile, to push through and forward.

Likewise, when we strengthen our minds, we are capable of gaining the foresight and energy to continue building our bodies in continuation of supporting our minds.  Further, when we are aware of our spirituality, our connectedness, our place among this vast universe and the energies and powers that are all around us, we understand that we are not here merely for ourselves. It is the interconnectedness through our bodies and among others that bring meaning to why we are here and what our journey can be.

I have started to bookend my day with building up my body and spirit in support of a mind that is capable of being both presents at the moment and looking beyond to take care of myself and those around me.

I begin my days with a run + 5 min meditation in my front yard. (I’m sure my family loves that fact that I can’t meditate in my room like an average person. Nope, I need to feel the earth beneath me and hear the world around me. Sorry little family, I’m the crazy village lady.)

I then end my days with a visit to the gym for a weightlifting session. Pushing my body to lift heavier or longer breaks the barriers and strongholds in my mind. There is no barrier too great to break through.

I then go through this MAA log. The practice of being Mindful of the journey and experiences surround me, Accepting of choices I or others have made that affect my family and me directly, some of which I have control over, most of which I do not, and Appreciation for all the moments and experiences this life is providing.

MAA Log Day 4: My Body is My Temple

I am mindful that my body is my temple. It is where I gather strength.  If I treat my body like a king, I will be soft and weak. If I treat my body like a slave and work hard, I will be strong and gain forbearance.

I accept that I have not always spent my time wisely or made decisions that support a fulfilled and joyful life. I have and can be selfish and withdrawn, lazy, depressed, anxious and ungrateful. I love myself and others around me, perfection is unobtainable.

I appreciate that my body knows what to do and the interconnectedness of mind body and spirit is both magical and compounding. What we put in, multiplies.