Everything is relative. Everything.

Far too many times my family has looked at our house or standard of living and thought, “Hmm… is that it?”  It’s like a page right out of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, except Goldilocks never finds the bed that is ‘just right’.

Keeping Up With The Jones

There are several terrible epidemics in America. However, I truly believe that it is the greed, contempt and overconsumption of things, food, power that lead to many of the epidemics we face.  Keeping up with the Jones’ is at the root of them all.  There is this notion that we are worth nothing unless it is better than the person next to us. But isn’t that relative to who is standing next to you? Take for example, living in John’s Creek, a city of luxury and overabundance, our kids have friends living in McMansions and 3 and 4 story homes that make our 2,300 sq. ft. home look like large tiny home. So much so, we have contemplated ‘upgrading’ as many here do… larger rooms, larger kitchens, finished basement, larger home –  more sq. ft. to get yourself lost in and separated from the limited and very valuable family time.

It was then we had yet other visitors that, in comparison, and relative to where they called home, we were living in overabundance.

MAA Log Day 3: Where I Call Home

I am mindful that I am truly blessed to live in a beautiful state that is relatively inexpensive and is home to mountains, great cityscapes, short drive to the beaches and an over abundance of diversity and greenery (trees, parks & the likes), and that I am fortunate to call this place home.

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I accept that we have chosen our place of living and are accountable to be responsible with both the privilege of living here as well as the fiscal responsibility it requires to follow through our commitments. Though there have been hardships, we made this choice and continue to make the choice to call this place home – we will be responsible with said choice.

I appreciate that where I call home has very little to do with geography and more to do with the people with which I choose to share my home with.