I tell my kids, nephews and nieces, anyone under the age of 20 really, to follow high school with college. Maybe it’s college, maybe it’s trade school and maybe it’s an internship. My point to them is to follow up with higher training when you have the time, because as I know from first hand knowledge finishing school while working and holding down a house and kids ain’t a walk in the park.

But not everyone has this opportunity

However, not every woman has this opportunity.  As I register for 12 semester hours, in the midst of an acquisition, I am thankful that I have the opportunity to go back to school. While I no longer qualify for hope scholarship because statute of limitations has run out, I still live in a country where:

1. As a woman and mom I can not only go to school, I am encouraged to do so
2. Federal loans are available and easy for those that can be responsible with them.
3. Because I have a great job in which to pay back said loans.

MAA Log Day 2: Proud To Be A Woman In America

I am mindful that not everyone is able to enjoy this type of opportunity
I accept that I chose this path and did not pursue higher education until now, it is my responsibility to manage and handle now education with all the new challenges going back to school carries
I appreciate that as a woman and mom, I am encouraged to go back to school

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