There was a time where only half of my family was getting together – 2 times a year at best.  A troubled childhood leads to varying paths for each of us. Many demons to shake and true selves to find.

All paths lead home

Slowly we have come closer. We have opened up and accepted the different ways we each took- the various people we each became. On Day 2 of my Mindfulness, Acceptance and Appreciation Log, I am thankful for my family and all the adventures we’ve shared.

Our 10-year-old niece has been visiting from Oregon. It’s the first time we’ve seen her since she was three months old. In fact, her presence here has pulled the family in for more adventures over the past two weeks than imagined.

While nothing is ever perfect or balanced, life has a way of pulling things together. Perhaps we avoided each other because it was painful or confusing to remember.  As the days lead us to our final sunset, we have each been able to accept the pain, the memories that are etched in the faces of our family members and begin to love each other through them.

MAA Log Day 1: All Paths Lead Home

I am mindful that everything has its time and place.
I accept the past and everyone in it – including the actions of and experiences with others and myself.
appreciate the adventures we are having and look forward to many more.