Today I’m reminded that life is a gift. I wrote a post yesterday about dealing with fear. Tricks or tips I’m using to open conversations between my daughter and her thoughts. As time passes I’m reminded that we’re in a season, a short season where we as parents get just a little moment to impart what we think we know to our kids. At dinner tonight I was wrapped up in hearing my oldest talk about her dreams at the dinner table. Adiah and Gabe love questions and answer time at dinner, it’s inspiring.

It’s one of the few moments of the day we can truly sit down and listen to what they have to say. A lot of it’s very familiar because of its origin, but if you listen closely you’ll be able to hear new versions that spin-off from what they’ve learned or heard from mom and dad. The real magic happens after they realize they have free range of thought after getting passed “our” baseline. Soon they’ll be able to create their own baseline from exercises they have. The gift I’m referring to in the first sentence is complex in nature but flows once you think about it.

Progression; with each step we learn from the last. Our steps shape our path until they’re strong enough to venture to higher ground. This progression is what I think fascinating about life. We as humans are designed to learn from trial and error and in the simplest of terms, we copy stuff. Today I’m reminded of the gift Sarah and I have to be able to impart our silliness to our kids.

MAA Log: Day 001

Mindfulness, Acceptance, Appreciation

I am mindful that our time is limited and that we have to be intentional about everything we do and say. Planting seeds isn’t as easy as we may think. If they end up to close to the surface they’ll eventually wash away and if planted too deep they die. If they know my lessons are imperfect and riddled with holes I’m okay with that, as long as they understand where the lesson comes from; #love.

I accept that my delivery might at times be rough and unconventional e.g. homeschool. But through my version of sewing, I’m at peace knowing that my heart led the way.

I appreciate that my kids are young but strong, they’re little versions of us and because I’ve taken the time to learn who I am the last few years I’m confidant knowing they’ll find their path.