I often feel embarrassed to admit the following, because by doing this I would also be admitting that my family and I spend more than the suggested one-hour of screen time per day (as suggested by the American Pediatrics Association). However, we love TV, movies, and mini-dramas. We absolutely do make sure that we shut down regularly and head outside, but when we don’t, you can find us Nextflix and Chili’n. Our current Netflix obsession for the family is TrollHunters.

In TrollHunters, Kelsy Grammer’s character (yes, from the 1990’s hit series, Frasier), Blinky, responded to a very dismal circumstance with the following: “By the very definition, even the word hopelessness isn’t void of hope.”

“By the very definition, even the word hopelessness isn’t void of hope.”

In a very extreme example, brought to mind is the Kindertransport from World War II.  In humanity’s darkest hour, there was in remote corners, still hope, a way to rescue and light.  Kindertransport (Children’s Transport) was the informal name of a rescue effort between 1938 and 1940 which brought thousands of refugee Jewish children (without their parents) to safety in Great Britain from Nazi Germany and German-occupied territories during World War II.

MAA Log: Day 11
Mindfulness, Acceptance, Appreciation

I am mindful that life is not perfect and easy. That many times things appear hopeless. There are times of desperation, heartache, brokenness. It is a time that we all, many times over go through. And yet one can not even define, much less say the word hopelessness without using the word hope.

I accept that just as others have been the ‘hope’ in my hopelessness, I too must be aware and cognizant of my ability to be the hope in another’s hopelessness. Many times in my life, it has only been because of someone else that I was able to have energy, fight, hope to get back on my feet after a devastating blow and keep going.

I appreciate all the many times in my own life and in history alike, where other’s have been a muse, a light, an energy source to bring hope into a dark situation. I appreciate that because of this light within the darkness, I have been strengthened through those hopeless moments, rather than crushed. And I appreciate the many blessings and opportunities to pay it forward.

I am mindful, I accept and I appreciate that even by definition, even the word hopelessness is not void of hope.