We are free to move about

I have been, and hopefully forever will be in a state of rediscovery. Rediscovering myself, my family, my values, my beliefs, my goals, my life. Moving freely between the labels I place on myself and the labels others have placed upon me. Which ones do I accept, which ones do I grow out of and which ones do I grow into?

But careful, that I do not attach these labels as a definition of who I am. For the existence of these labels, merely pull others into a shared experience, a starting point, an introduction. Not a definition. I am free to move my many labels and rediscover lost as well as new ones.

We are at our least common denominator simply here.
So Welcome.
We are here for only a short while.

And so I am mindful that like attracts like and labels are the straw-man to an attraction.
I accept that others will try to label me in a way that makes their world make sense.
I appreciate that it is up to me, to ensure that these labels are not defining, yet a catalyst for rediscovery. We are free to move them all.