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16 Week Pregnancy Update

We aren’t used to this yet.  A commercial will splash up on our screen with a cute little newborn wrapped in his perfect swaddling blanket, and I don’t know to cry or freeze.  I still can’t believe it. We will flip through channels and see a thumbnail for “Word World” or “Martha Speaks”, and we glance at each other.  Sometimes as if to say, “are you ready for this?” And yet other times as if to say, “oh how fun!”

Though I’ve been a mom twice over now, the thought of caring for a newborn again, well it’s awkward. Awkard because life is so fast paced right now with school, the kids, work, and adulting that it just seems like child three will fly by quicker than thing one and thing two. Will I rush home fast enough? Will I continue to be gainfully employed? will I settle down enough to cuddle and play?  Will my older children notice and remember I did this with them as well?  Life gets in the way of so many things.

And so, I am motivated me to chill out, in preparation for a different home culture.  This will change us.

Making the Heart Smile

Most of our Fridays are filled in the same manner of most American Fridays; Netflix and chill. And I’ve come to realize that if the TV is the devil, then Netflix is it’s smarter, faster and more attractive spawn. Our family can get wrapped into its vicious claws of entertaining as it weaves us through dramas, comedies, suspense, and adventure.  At the end of every passing weekend that only seems to speed with the children’s age, we find that the days and nights poured over the blue screen, can make us, well, blue.  We find that while being entertained with other’s stories and lives, fictional or other, we forget that we have dramas, comedies, suspense and adventures of our own to live, to tell, to get ourselves lost.

We Stopped Trick or Treating Around Age 8 – 9 Because…

Growing up, we stopped trick or treating around age 8 or 9. I don’t remember the exact phrase or conversation that my father pieced together to make this indescribably unfair and illogical announcement make more sense to three adorable blonde headed children. Looking back I’ve always blamed it on the religious fear my father had of succumbing to the “world” and it’s superstitions. Later he became a Southern Baptist preacher, and I’m afraid to say, that’s when most of it started to fall out from there. We never went trick or treating again.