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5 Job Offer Tips You Can’t Afford To Forget!

What Not To Do With Your Next Job Offer – signed, your recruiter

Congratulations, you have recently accepted a job with a new company signed and returned their offer letter. You have gone through the entire onboarding process and have your start date marked on your calendar. But in the 7thinning stretch, another company offers you a position or you accepted counteroffer with a “better deal”.  You just forgot to tell the new company with whom you already accepted the offer.

I am sure you’re thinking, “it’s not important, they have the ability to find someone else, and I haven’t even started, yet”


4 “Big Girl” Career Moves I Hated Making

On the back of many 2017 gender pay gap reports, I feel it appropriate we now address each other, as grown women. Until the gaps are easier to navigate and bridge, we will have to pull up our big girl britches and get some serious work done – make some big girl career moves.

I’m not afraid of a little extra work – for the sake of women progression and movement – are you?

In fact, I recall sitting down with a fem. friend of mine when I was 24 and discussing what I would like my career path to look like.  “Well, that’s great.” She said. “I’m sure you’ve discussed this with your boss?”

The truth is I hadn’t and I didn’t want to. It seemed desperate, boisterous, ungrateful. Success will just come to you if you keep working hard enough, right?


Especially as a woman.

Grant Thornton Losing BIG – Gender Pay Gap Reports

In a 2017 report, Grant Thornton uncovers a gender pay gap that proves larger than those of the Big Four accounting firms. However, peeling back the pay grades and demographics, the gender pay gap is attributed not to an unequal pay structure, as most companies promise they pay women workers the similarly for the same work, but to a male-dominated senior management team.

In many companies, such as with Grant Thornton, the workforce is split almost equally by gender – 51% men and 49% women, with women dominating lower levels of the workforce and men higher levels of the workforce – 64.5% at senior manager, 64.5% at associate director, and 75.9% at director. Yet, carries a mean gender pay gap of 26.56% – KPMG at 22.3%, EY at 19.7%, Deloitte at 18.2%, and PwC at 13.7%.