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Sarah Schlott

Mom | Wife | FP&A Senior Executive | PE Growth | SaaS | FINTech | Supporter of Women’s equality | #Coffee addict.

More Power; More Control: My Eureka Hack

Another week bites the dust. Comes every Sunday, though I’m not exactly sure how. Until I realized that I had felt like I missed so much because while neighbors were mowing or running in the Johns Creek 5k, I was still Netflix’n and chilling. My time had been swallowed by the black hole that is what ever guilty pleasure Netflix original seasons on which we hadn’t yet binged.  After glancing at the clock to find that it was near noon and we hadn’t yet eaten breakfast, my husband and I peeled ourselves from our pillow and blanket encrusted throne of laziness, demanded the kids get dressed and ‘go play outside’ and we started to straighten up our comfortably lived in (cough – messy) abode.

Once that was done we couldn’t sit down. We started to read, write, hang out with the kids, get some work on the SchlottCo done, brush up on some excel, joined our local gym, and the list kept going like the 1990’s lamb chop song or the Energizer bunny commercials. Even my usually comfortably easy going husband was on a “get things done” spree. Eureka… organization is next to… getting things done. I’m a lazy unmotivated person when things are in disarray.

I find a direct correlation between my work (or living) stations and the amount of brain power there is remaining in my noggin for things that require creativity, innovation and motivation.  At work it’s the same thing. Clean desk = a full day of super productive and effective work. And when I’m organized I not only have more power and control over those things that I just organized but more mindshare to be in control of any other items or tasks that rear up for a daily duel.

This coming week (May 22 to May 27) I’m focusing my blogging efforts on all things organization for more power and control over our thoughts, actions and activities in ways that align to productivity and effectiveness.

Sarah Schlott

Mom | Wife | FP&A Senior Executive | PE Growth | SaaS | FINTech | Supporter of Women’s equality | #Coffee addict.

Personal Update

“Where have you been!?  I don’t see you on Facebook anymore!”

Hubby has gotten off of Facebook and I have visited less frequently.  As a result, we have been able to be more intentional with keeping up with our friends and family. We have had more visitors to the house, deeper and more meaningful conversations when we do meet with others – because we haven’t been cyber stalking each-other – and have been able to carve out a bit of our lives to remain intimate, personal and sacred. We’ve had our faces in the palm of our hands less often and have been working on a more mindful presence with our kids.

Currently watching Master Chef Junior with the family. Turns out these kids have all the personality, pizazz, confidence, stick-to-it-ness, and respect for their competitors, of which us adults could only dream of possessing.  As I continue to reflect and be inspired by these kids –  and reflecting on the past several weeks with my children –  I am excited and  realize how very fortunate we are. Inspired for more changes to come in the very near future!

Summer is in the air!

Summer is in the air and the kids are ready to hit the pool! Which opens up in less than a week. Much sooner than my weightless plan would have welcomed, but it’s all kosher! I’ll be joining them in no time at all.  So long as temperatures reach 90, that is.  Until then I’ll be going through the many books on my summer reading list, which include some excel, SQL, investment and mindfulness books, along with the Stephen King 11/23/63.  This will be my first Stephen King novel, and I’m interested in seeing if this is horror filled or suspense ridden!

The kids are doing well and growing like weeds. Regardless of a plant based diet, lacking in additional hormones, they some how still seem to be turning into giants. Baby girl (BG) is already wearing my shoes. (Watch out Dad… this could get very expensive, very quickly). And Bubba is sweet talking his way into all the girl’s hearts. Older girls that is (big, big eye roll for mom).

Both kids rounded out the school year on honor roll and headed into the summer with big plans on their agendas.

Sports and STEM take center stage:

The kids just ended their academy soccer season and you’d think we’d have a little bit of a break from 3 nights a week of soccer and multiple game tournaments each weekend. But we are so very excited to announce that BG was asked to be on the Super-Y soccer team this summer. The coach reached out to BG personally because of her performance and most importantly her hardworking and improvement over the season.  Developmental Camp for the team starts in less than a week!

From our academy (Concorde Fire), “The Super-Y League is a professionalized system that is the first step for developing youth soccer players in North America. Affiliated with US Soccer and partnered with the US Club Soccer, the leagues designed for talented youth players destined for professions or international careers.” (You can read more about the Super Y League here: sylsoccer)

We are so proud of our little goalie and the hard work she has been putting into her dreams.

Bubba also became quite the goalie to reckon with this season and has a natural propensity towards the game, (perhaps it’s in his Brazilian blood).  But, he plans on trying out for a new experience next year. Currently he’s trying to decide between Lacrosse, Baseball or Football.  He says, “he needs some time to really think about it.”

Until then, both Bubba and BG continue to pursue exciting adventures in (Proud MOMMA!) STEM.

Parental Units:

From the sidelines Mom and Dad continue to route for our wonderful children. They are smart, kind and make parenting super easy. Hubby continues to settle into his stay at home Dad role.  One that we wouldn’t trade for the world.  We knew when we first became pregnant  (10 years ago) that we wanted one parent to be home for moral support, school work support and the coveted rides to after school and sports programs.

As a night owl, Hubby fills his time with continuing to work on The Schlott Company (schlottco) and helping to building brands for local business and professionals, through online presence and social media marketing.

I continue to learn just what it means to be a working mom.  I love my job, love my kids and have had to understand that I cannot do it all and have to be okay with that.  I have such a loving and supporting husband who steps in to be mom when I have to head into the office early or stay late, which has been happening more frequently.  I’ve learned more in the past six months on the job than I could have every imagined. I’m so thankful for the opportunities for growth and advancement.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Greater still,  building our family continues to be our greatest creative outlet. No one ever told me how amazingly fun it would be to watch someone you love fulfill every wish and demand the best of life! What a great journey we are on together.

I hope you enjoy all that we are doing here as much as we have been enjoying the experience.