I went shopping with my daughter this morning and was dumbfounded by the sheer amount of people out shopping with us. Seems I wasn’t the only one who had left some of my gift buying to the last minute! Now, I enjoy giving gifts but like to find items that are a little obscure, a little sarcastic, a little pun and unique. Mostly I can only accomplish this when time permits. And it can be hard to find those types of gifts in a rush, locally or just in time. Even when not in this predicament, we’ve often found ourselves invited to a last minute holiday party or that one special someone that slipped through our holiday haul.  As my friend over at ModernCityChic reminded me, gift guides are so extremely helpful when facing four days until Christmas. And our little shopping trip this morning proves that it is possible to find that unique gift, and at a great price as well!

Unique last minute gifts for the procrastinators in us all:

For the Entertainer