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#MeToo Controversy Leads to Change

We watched powerful women walk this year’s Annual Golden Globe Awards adorned head to toe in black; an elegant display of support for the #MeToo movement founded by Tyrana Burke nearly ten years ago. I watched in shock as my husband scrolled through the Golden Globe pictures –  red carpet photo albums aren’t normally his thing.  But his favorite Stranger Things cast was among the dressed-in-black Hollywood stars, so it was click bait.

I Am [not] a Nice Lady

“Nice ladies aren’t in charge of things. If you’re in charge of something and you think you’re a nice lady, no one else does. There are whole email chains about how much you’re not a nice lady.” – Michelle Wolf, 2017

In her recent HBO special “Nice Lady,” Michelle Wolf asks the audience if they’re still wondering why we didn’t elect the first female president. Her dissection of Hilary’s defeat is completely politically incorrect, and in my opinion, very relevant.

“It’s because no one likes her, I voted for her I and I don’t like her… You have to be a bitch to be that powerful, nice ladies aren’t in charge of things… If you’re in charge of something and you think you’re a nice lady, no one else does… There are whole email chains about how much you’re not a nice lady…”

4 Brutally Honest Truths That Women In Corporate America Should Hear!


That’s how I would describe it. I had received some intel from my partner in crime at work that recent requests for raises had not been smacked down so readily. Awesome. I had put in years of work stepping in for budgeting and forecasting for the line of business. I had also been reading several articles suggesting not only that women receive $0.70 on the dollar because we aren’t tenacious and confident enough to ask for it, but even I was reading: women will wait to ask for a raise or promotion until they fill 100% of the position, where men will ask AND receive raises and promotions at around the 60% performance mark.

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Should Women Work Outside The Home?

Dear women,

“If a wife works to produce more income for the family, it is important to analyze exactly how much income, after taxes and expenses, her work contributes to the family. Couples often are surprised to learn that this income is not as much as they had expected” – Howard Dayton

I couldn’t help myself with this one. I’m sitting at my desk researching some personal finance topics when I ran into this one article from Howard Dayton (go look him up). In this article, he talks about his beliefs on women in the workplace. Now, mind you this is a reference I pulled from the book “Your Money Counts.” The biblical guide to earning, spending, saving, investing, giving and getting out of debt.

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