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Monday March

I learned a new word today and stopped dead, deeply in my tracks
I ran it through my mind the entire length of road in black
As you stretched the morning before, bumfuzzled: perplexed, confused
Seemed the epitome of who you are, perhaps your muse

For I’ve never met someone who split consensus into such parts
Some waking to admire you, yet others filled with regret
A growing depression of misdirection, a disabling threat

But I am unable to dissect you that easily,
For you are not always who you were before
An ever-changing history, both an open and closed door

Notes To A Boy

I hope you learn to take risks
Fight back
Stand your ground
Find who you are apart from the social norms the traditionalist will try to force on you

The Heavy Costume

The Heavy Costume

I am cloaked from head to toe
In pearls and robes
A heavy costume wearing down the soul
Who was it that cast this role?