Learning should be viewed as an opportunity, not a burden.

Feel tired? Overwhelmed? Stretched at work again? Feel like you are the one that gets all the problem child projects, while everyone else gets seemingly easy tasks in which to keep up their “golden child” persona?

You are not alone.

Hundreds, dare I say thousands of us feel this way most often.

  • New HR Coordinator brings much-needed enthusiasm, vigor, and urgency to the vision of the ‘New’ NexTraq. Stretching my skillset in directing this area of the business.
  • Director of BI brings a higher level of skill expectation to the accounting group. Shared controllership means raising the group to these levels, quickly.
  • Challenges are presented in AR objectives and goals for 2018, entire team turnover with 3 months before leaving. Productivity has to be improved in a very short timeline.

Controllership of these areas in the business, the last three months before maternity leave, is not without its struggles. But these are not burdens.

When we accept challenges as burdens they wear us down – giving us a hazed vision of the opportunity the situation presents. We are left otherwise ignorant to the progression at hand. We are distracted by the work and blind to the benefits.

Burdens Cannot Have A Place In Our Progression

  1. We must quit the drama and turn off the spotlight – we are not the only hard workers in the company. Take that mindset off the table entirely. If there weren’t other hard workers in the company, I guarantee you the company would have failed by now. Remove silver spoon from the mouth.  So What. You have to work hard.
  2.  We must change our mindset – a fixed mindset tells us these are burdens, a growth mindset shows us the potential to not only do something impactful but expand our understanding, experience, and knowledge.
  3. We must keep moving forward – we must at all costs, fail or succeed in our challenges to pick our selves up, reset the scoreboard and keep working like nothing happened. When we focus too heavily on our losses we get beat, when we focus too heavily on our wins, we get lazy and complacent. Get up, and keep going.