Hi, I’m Sarah!

Director of Finance by day and writer and enthusiast about all things family, life, and business by night! I was once told when you buy a gift for another woman, you always get something for the home AND something for the woman. What I choose to write, in a sense, very closely resembles this teaching: I write something for the professional AND something for the woman in us all!

One-liners of others stick out in my mind and sometimes become huge life lessons. Growing up I was told that if I was a man I would conquer the world.  Well, I am not a man but am still conquering my world and want to encourage others that whatever that world looks like for them, they can as well, regardless of gender.

Growing up in corporate America through a very nontraditional way, I have long used writing and self-help as a form of self-discovery, awareness and a more significant connection to the world around me. And juggling corporate America as a woman, I struggled with the notion that one can’t be all things. A woman is either a good mom and homemaker, a good professional OR a creative. But who says you can’t be all?  So, in my attempts to write what I am interested in, all those facets of what it means to be a modern woman have surfaced in my writing:  from a last minute gift guide or home decor  and makeup trends to career advice, personal finance and yes, even a quick morning meditation routine to get us going for the day. All the things that make up the chemistry of being a modern-day woman.

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