Sarah Schlott: Mom | Wife | FP&A Senior Executive | PE Growth | SaaS | FINTech | Supporter of Women’s equality | #Coffee addict.


FP&A manager for startups, PE held, private, public and international companies. Dynamic leadership career with rich mix of finance, sales and operations experience, specializing in driving teams through highly competitive and emerging landscapes. Collaboration with business leaders to provide financial perspective in key business decisions contributing to process efficiencies, cost savings, impacting growth and maximizing revenue.


Life is tough. Work is harder.  It’s easy to blame those robot suit wearing corporate ladder climbers on good looks, good connections and a few good liners. But the truth is, most of us have to work hard for our career advancement and there’s no one way to the top.  This blog focuses on real life experiences (and yes a few stock excel training blogs) that get you from zero to hero and can be applied across work, life and fun.

I hope you enjoy reading this (and hopefully sharing) as much as I did going through the experience.