Hi, I’m Sarah.

Director of Finance & HR Services, I bypassed college for a chance to build my career. Apprenticing under local CFO’s, I went on to be an integral part of three successful mergers and acquisitions within five years, picking up additional skill sets within the organization, commonly echoed throughout all agencies. Now holding a director of finance and hr services role at one of Micheline’s business services companies, running oversight for FP&A (Financial Planning & Analysis), Finance, Accounting and HR services while working towards my degree.

Growing up in corporate America through a very nontraditional way, I have long used writing and research as a form of self-discovery, awareness and a more significant connection to the world around us. Poised now to share my experiences in corporate America and life alike, often finding life and creativity the outlet for most self-meditation and guidance. Being multi-dimensional, like the rest of us, I cover a wide range of interest in topics: corporate & personal finance, dealing with insecurities and other people, building a sustainable business, balancing life as a parent and everything in between. I often hover over creative writing, music, and art as a way to take a piece of myself and give to those that would follow along.

My goal is to encourage others to live a life giving of and to our truer selves through reflection, education, gratitude, and vulnerability.

Most readers subscribe via email to my weekly newsletter and follow me on Twitter and Instagram. To work or collaborate with me, take a look around to get an idea of where our voices and audience may align. Please email me with any inquiries.

I look forward to hearing from you shortly!