About Me

FP&A Manager

Sarah Schlott Sarah Schlott is a FP&A manager for startups, PE held, private, public & Intl. companies.

Hi, I’m Sarah.

An outgoing introvert with an eye for creativity,  passion for community, and energy for creating effective change. I only happen to have an analytical process by circumstance.

I have what others call a Corporate America Cinderella story. I started my career and education as a performing artist. It was the housing crash of the early 2000’s and family household income reduction that led me to a small technology company in Roswell, Ga. Desperate for work, I accepted a temporary billing representative roll where I picked up every hat lying on the floor in every department – filling every second in my working day with something productive. I decided long ago that if I was going to do anything, I was going to something worth my time.

The infrastructure we built during my tenure created and motivated change within a highly competitive landscape resulting in successful M&A activity.  Yet, that wasn’t what excited me. The growth and potential was the draw. Through that I continued to be promoted from within and now hold the head of budgeting and forecasting for the company, which was recently acquired by Michelin Tires.

It is only through mental and physical toughness and strength of character that anything is gained. I enjoy adventure in my career as much as I do in the gym or out in nature.

But enough about me. I want to hear from other likeminded women, (hopefully that is you)! Those of us who pick up the torch and run fearlessly into the future. For ourselves, for those around us, for our future generations.

We all have mountains to climb and a unique story that accompanies each of us. I appreciate and look forward to sharing my story, in hopes that you uncover yours and reciprocate the transparency with others. #Until we reach our ends…

Sarah Schlott is a FP&A manager for startups, PE held, private, public and international companies. Dynamic leadership career with rich mix of finance, sales and operations experience, specializing in driving teams through highly competitive and emerging landscapes. Collaboration with business leaders to provide financial perspective in key business decisions contributing to process efficiencies, cost savings, impacting growth and maximizing revenue.