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Mindfulness – Next Best Offer

You are only as good as your next best offer

When it comes to promotions, raises, and money, two of my mentors used to tell me: “you are only as good as your next best offer.”

The coaching goal was to get me to understand that no matter how truly valuable I am when it comes time to assign a dollar amount to that value, in general, and in business, it’s customary that we would receive only as great as our next best offers. Taken under the wrong light, this comment could, in fact, appear like a slap across the cheek. Further still, while exceptions to this statement are certainly not uncommon, make no mistake: we will receive in life, not only what we ask for, but said request grounded against a baseline of our next best offer.

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Mindfulness – Not Alone

I am not alone

A collection of strokes 

Just as every piece of artwork is not one specific pen or brush stroke across a blank page, yet is a collection of all pen strokes that had come before and resulted in the final piece of artwork; similarly, we are not defined by this one moment or a specific period. If taken out, any single brush stroke across the canvas is not enough to identify a standard of said artwork, nor identify subject matter – there is no context for one stroke alone. So too the artwork that is our life.

We are not the bad day in the office, nor the failed attempt to be patient with our sons and daughters. And we are not the projects left undone on our desks and kitchen tables

We are a collection of brush strokes that has taken years to form. There is no context with one stroke. And these brush strokes have been performed by those that have come before us and will come after us.

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Mindfulness – The Life Lessons A Bad Haircut Can Teach You

Last night I did something crazy, well not in comparison to anything I’ve done as a young man but crazy in my current world. I cut my hair! Tame I know, but something about this new haircut sparked something.

I ran downstairs this morning to put some dishes away, and Sarah looked at me real quick as if not to bust out in laughter. “I know,” I said I look like Beaker from the muppets, don’t I? She couldn’t contain herself and busted out in laughter. “But you like it, don’t you?” – she asked.

Mindfulness – Every Day Begins Anew


adverb: anew
  1. in a new or different, typically more positive, way.

2 significant things have happened in our little family life the past couple of months:

  1. My daughter was invited to play on a summer Super Y soccer team (equivalent to baseball AllStars)
  2. My company is going through another acquisition.

Through these 2 events there is one resounding take away from me:

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Mindfulness – My Body is My Temple

I follow the blogs of many successful professionals and find one common thread running through them all:

Mental strength and agility is built, nurtured, and maintained by strengthening your body and spirit.

Connectedness between Mind, Body, and Spirit

There is an inner connectedness with our mind, body, and spirit. Strength or weakness in any one of these impresses upon the others. As we build up our organization, we learn that we can push through much more than we initially once thought. We find the strength to work hard and to persevere, to keep going the extra mile, to push through and forward.

Likewise, when we strengthen our minds, we are capable of gaining the foresight and energy to continue building our bodies in continuation of supporting our minds.  Further, when we are aware of our spirituality, our connectedness, our place among this vast universe and the energies and powers that are all around us, we understand that we are not here merely for ourselves. It is the interconnectedness through our bodies and among others that bring meaning to why we are here and what our journey can be.

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Mindfulness – Waves of Emotion

Reading through Ryan Holiday’s Daily Stoic and the first of 52 lessons, mostly lessons taught by philosophers long forgotten. The first lesson challenges me to only give thought and time to those things of which I can control. The basis of the teaching is that most emotions, sadness, anger, jealousy are symptoms of a situation in which we are angered, sad or jealous because we are not in control things –  did not happen as we desired. Seems rather silly because I have yet come across a situation and circumstance that turned out exactly how I wished or planned.

In our world of planning, dreams, and goals, there are so many unknowns, and not many things in this life are promised.  Our jobs, promotions and pay rate depend on the actions of others, our goals to play national soccer depend on the opinions of others and the ability to beat out the competition, even our very breath depends on the environment in which we travel and the decisions of those acting around us. Very little is in our control.

Mindfulness – Where I Call Home

Everything is relative. Everything.

Far too many times my family has looked at our house or standard of living and thought, “Hmm… is that it?”  It is like a page right out of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, except Goldilocks, never finds the bed that is ‘just right.’

Keeping Up With The Jones

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New Years Resolutions Are In Need Of A Facelift

I was not surprised to read that while over 40% of western hemisphere dwellers create new year’s resolutions, only 8% of us achieve them.

New Year’s resolutions, after all, are most directly, tradition; just as common as the historically-and-chronologically-incorrect-but-must-display manager scene where baby Jesus is met in the manger, at Christmas time, by the three wise men. And just as most of us have long ago heard Jesus was more likely born in the spring and visited by the magi over three years later, it’s a tradition we hold for the sake of tradition.

But that’s okay. There is a deeper emotional level added to a resolution when done at a time where senses and awareness are heightened. And the impasse between old and new is one of those times. As the current year slips from view and the new year rings, a stronger connection to the resolution can be leveraged. Resolutions set in emotion can help solidify commitments for a higher possibility for attainment. Still, many of us don’t achieve those New Year’s Resolutions. New Year’s Resolutions are in need of a facelift.

Mindfulness – Proud To Be A Woman In America

I tell my kids, nephews and nieces, anyone under the age of 20 really, to follow high school with college. Maybe it is college, perhaps it is the trade school, and maybe it is an internship. My point to them is to follow up with higher training when you have the time because as I know from first-hand knowledge finishing school while working and holding down a house and kids ain’t a walk in the park.

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Mindfulness – All Paths Lead Home

There was a time where only half of my family was getting together – 2 times a year at best.  A troubled childhood leads to varying paths for each of us. Many demons to shake and true selves to find.

All paths lead home

Slowly we have come closer. We have opened up and accepted the different ways we each took- the various people we each became. On Day 2 of my Mindfulness, Acceptance and Appreciation Log, I am thankful for my family and all the adventures we’ve shared.

Our 10-year-old niece has been visiting from Oregon. It’s the first time we’ve seen her since she was three months old. In fact, her presence here has pulled the family in for more adventures over the past two weeks than imagined.

While nothing is ever perfect or balanced, life has a way of pulling things together. Perhaps we avoided each other because it was painful or confusing to remember.  As the days lead us to our final sunset, we have each been able to accept the pain, the memories that are etched in the faces of our family members and begin to love each other through them.

MAA Log Day 1: All Paths Lead Home

I am mindful that everything has its time and place.
I accept the past and everyone in it – including the actions of and experiences with others and myself.
appreciate the adventures we are having and look forward to many more.

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