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The Organized Work Life

When my husband started picking up a clientele for the marketing and web-design arm of The Schlott Co., it was evident he all too much understood the stress and weight I carried through the workday.  How to meet deadlines, how to maintain sanity while being pulled in multiple directions, how to manage to work with others – nicely, and how to let it go when family and kids took center stage.

It can overwhelm us. We can feel disjointed from our goals and feel unorganized in how to approach our objectives.  We see a mountain of things that must be accomplished to meet the deadlines, with only 10% of those tasks being recognized or appreciated by those of whom we are meeting said deadlines.

Professional Development

Organizing Your Personal Finances: Pseudo Minimalism & Budgeting

I know a very rich man that will die with everything he owns still in the bank.  It reminded me of Scrooge McDuck – swimming in his vault of gold and money each morning. For some reason, I thought Scrooge’s vault of gold meant he too would die alone and with everything he owned still in the bank.  That was until I saw this below clip and my take on Scrooge McDuck took a turn for the best.

Organize your finances through budgeting

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The Four Agreements: Instantly Happier Today!

I recently watched a documentary entitled Happy. Contrary to my single objective when deciding to watch Happy and much to my dismay, I was not happy thereafter.  As summarized in this documentary, it would seem only retirees in Japan or Hawaii and hippies living in community compounds truly find happiness.  Not what I was hoping to discover, as I am not a beach person nor am I going to cook for 10 families once a week and share a bathroom with 5 other women down at the community compound. I would benevolently accept that I was doomed to being unhappy for the rest of my life. Imagine then, how pleasantly intrigued I was when my Mom came over for our weekly coffee and yoga and announced “you can be instantly happy, Sarah.  It is so cool how!”

You can be instantly happy. And it is SO cool how!

Professional Development

Should Women Work Outside The Home?

Dear women,

“If a wife works to produce more income for the family, it is important to analyze exactly how much income, after taxes and expenses, her work contributes to the family. Couples often are surprised to learn that this income is not as much as they had expected” – Howard Dayton

I couldn’t help myself with this one. I’m sitting at my desk researching some personal finance topics when I ran into this one article from Howard Dayton (go look him up). In this article, he talks about his beliefs on women in the workplace. Now, mind you this is a reference I pulled from the book “Your Money Counts.” The biblical guide to earning, spending, saving, investing, giving and getting out of debt.

Professional Development

Learn To Love Your J.O.B In 3 Simple Steps

I got home late last night. A large project had allowed me to work from home the past 6 -8 months because I was putting in extra hours. However, some said the project was now keeping me at the office as the wind-down was approaching.  I had missed both breakfast and dinner.  But, I rushed home to make sure I didn’t miss the tuck-in. As I quietly talked with my son, he said to me “Mom, sorry you had to work late. I missed you.” My heart mush. I told him he didn’t have to be sorry; that I love what I do and I love being good at it. Job satisfaction can be considered lucky, for those that aren’t in their dream job. And even still, taboo for those of the population that still believe a woman’s place is only in the home.

I felt so lucky to have a compassionate son, and it had dawned on me that job satisfaction was not something some people are just lucky to find accidentally.  And I hadn’t always had it, and many times still hit plateaus and rough spots. But it is possible to create job satisfaction. Yep, as in power is yours.  All yours.

And we don’t always have to find a new company to create it. More often than not we can find it in our situations.

1. Analyze and recharge

Professional Development

The Secret Message Your Checks Are Telling You

I recently read a story about a husband and wife that were going through some hard times and decided to end their marriage. While in anticipation of the divorce, the husband thought it wise to go through his finances to make sure things were taken care of. In the midst of filing old receipts, he found old checks that had been written out to the hotel were he and his wife had their honeymoon. As he continued going through his desk he saw another old check for the down payment on their first home, then a car payment appeared and finally a check he’d made out to the hospital; the day his daughter was born.

Professional Development

4 Time Management Tips for Good Business

When I want someone to know how I feel, I stoutly wear that feeling all over my face.  Nope, not emotional… intentional. If I have something to say, you will know it.  So when I was constantly being interrupted at work, by emails that should have been delegated to someone else, unnecessary questions, and office gossip pouring into my office, I had to take an honest look around and could only blame myself for the interruptions.  After all, as I stated: if I wanted anyone to know that I wasn’t “feeling” these interruptions, I would have shown it by now.  Not only was I getting annoyed, but I was also falling behind on my to-do list.  Of which makes me feel entirely unsuccessful and fulfilled at work. Apparently, I had some very clear boundaries I needed to set and some time management issues to resolve.

At the time I was working on a very large and earnest project. One that was not only challenging but one that required undivided attention.  Ergo, when I had the opportunity to complete said project from the comfort of my own home: I jumped at the chance, ran screaming for the doors, peeled out of the office parking lot and never looked back.

Well, until I had too…