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Monday March

I learned a new word today and stopped dead, deeply in my tracks
I ran it through my mind the entire length of road in black
As you stretched the morning before, bumfuzzled: perplexed, confused
Seemed the epitome of who you are, perhaps your muse

For I’ve never met someone who split consensus into such parts
Some waking to admire you, yet others filled with regret
A growing depression of misdirection, a disabling threat

But I am unable to dissect you that easily,
For you are not always who you were before
An ever-changing history, both an open and closed door

Professional Development

The Importance of Excel Training & 3 Top Formulas to Get You Started

I can trace my professional career back to one assignment. I worked for a company of 60 employees with buying interest from large organizations. And with the needed push for an increase in sales productivity, we worked to improve back-end support in sales operations. At this moment, an assignment popped up on the radar, and my boss asked me to take a shot. The one assignment that would ultimately shape all other assignments: a multi-functioning excel based ordering template easily used by the sales organization. But there was one problem: zero Excel training.

Hello, a crash course in Excel programming. Since there wasn’t anyone else in the organization that could tackle this project, I regarded the task as one that could propel my knowledge base as well as my visibility within my department. Little did I know, the weeks that I spent investing in Excel training has made all the difference in my professional career development. And after years of experience I know why:

Excel training benefits the entire company

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Professional Development

3 Tips for Career Advancement from Over a Decade of Experience

When I went back to work, we were in the middle of a recession. I took the first job that I could find with the intention of achieving higher levels of career advancement once my foot was in the door. After leading several teams and talking with several friends and co-workers, this is quickly becoming the single most discussed topic. How does one advance their careers?

What I’ve found is that there isn’t just one way to advance your career. Career advancement happens by pushing and pulling several different levers. There is no get rich quick scheme. It takes skill, hard work, and dedication. And it’s not only possible it is inevitable.

Here are 3 Tips for Advancing Your Career

1. Don’t be afraid to stretch yourself:

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Professional Development

6 Strategies for Networking Utilizing What You Already Know

Today we all have one of the biggest networks ever known to humanity. Technology has both made our world smaller and more accessible, yet expanded our pool of individuals with which to connect. Our social media feeds flood us with the importance of networking. Articles were explaining how our networks can connect us with the right influencers and create opportunities downstream. Feeds that remind us that systems offer security and career advancement. The problem is there isn’t a lot of information out there on how one goes about networking. And while many of us ‘connect’ with vast networks of individuals, our systems are not very useful nor beneficial.

Here are five key strategies for creating a beneficial network and utilize what you already know:

1. Understand that you already know how to network.

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Why Happiness Doesn’t Mean Shit

Who’s with me: I can be 100% happy when I’m stuffing my face with a perfect chocolate glazed donut from {insert favorite donut shop} that not a thing in the world can bring me down or out of my fat girl haze. So happy in fact I can totally and utterly not hear my kid screaming for dear life as he/she hangs by one shoestring from the tree I told them not to climb. Thankfully, in this instance, they also did not listen to me when I told them to tie their shoes before they head outside. I can be so happy that when no one else in my family wants a donut I find no qualm with finishing off the rest of the box more quickly than a dog in heat jumps the neighbor’s poodle.  However, how happy am I that same night preparing for a date with hubby as I squeeze into my fat jeans that would have been more easily painted on my body than what I would have to go through to put them on? Happiness is not the word that my husband would describe as I unabashedly blame him for buying those bastardly donuts in the first place.

Happiness is fleeting and doesn’t mean shit.

Professional Development

Overcoming Obstacles with 3 Highly Effective Techniques

Obstacles are everywhere. Exemplified by one of my favorite quotes:

“Be kind to those around you, because you never know what they are going through,”

The quote strikes a chord with me. We all struggle, all the time. While I can’t pretend to know what obstacles anyone faces, the quote implies, it’s certain obstacles is being faced. It’s helpful to have a strategy to overcome obstacles when we see them approaching. I use the below three-point process when I find myself in the mud and muck of our daily grind.

1. Don’t run away from obstacles:

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Why Taking Time To Reflect on 2017 will Catapult 2018 Into “The Best Year Yet”

There was a time you could walk these halls and hear a pin drop. Sometimes because of the silence that tension brings, but mostly because every single sound would bounce from empty wall to empty wall echoing loudly the sound of an unfinished and undecorated house. For 10 years those echoes would bounce. We’ve asked ourselves many times why it took us so long to decorate our hours with the things that we love; why we didn’t, from the start make this a place of solace, peace and the refuge it now stands to become.

We came up with a few reasons: We partly ignored the building of this home because we had a hard time finding ourselves. What were we individually and what were we together? What home and life were we building?

Professional Development

How To Increase Productivity By Taking Breaks

I am thankful for you today, a Monday that I do not have to go to work.  My hope for today would be that I let go of all the anxiety that usually accompanies a day off.  I will focus on my family and my crafts.

While there is still work to be doing this week, may I find rest knowing that I can get to it without sacrificing sacred family time? May I find that my mind can share space with the “to dos” and the “want to” and enjoy this week.  I have worked so very hard this year, and I give myself the freedom to take it easy, slow and have some quality family time.

Monday, I welcome you.

Pregnancy Journal

16 Week Pregnancy Update

We aren’t used to this yet.  A commercial will splash up on our screen with a cute little newborn wrapped in his perfect swaddling blanket, and I don’t know to cry or freeze.  I still can’t believe it. We will flip through channels and see a thumbnail for “Word World” or “Martha Speaks”, and we glance at each other.  Sometimes as if to say, “are you ready for this?” And yet other times as if to say, “oh how fun!”

Though I’ve been a mom twice over now, the thought of caring for a newborn again, well it’s awkward. Awkard because life is so fast paced right now with school, the kids, work, and adulting that it just seems like child three will fly by quicker than thing one and thing two. Will I rush home fast enough? Will I continue to be gainfully employed? will I settle down enough to cuddle and play?  Will my older children notice and remember I did this with them as well?  Life gets in the way of so many things.

And so, I am motivated me to chill out, in preparation for a different home culture.  This will change us.