4 “Big Girl” Career Moves I Hated Making

On the back of many 2017 gender pay gap reports, I feel it appropriate we now address each other, as grown women. Until the gaps are easier to navigate and bridge, we will have to pull up our big girl britches and get some serious work done – make some big girl career moves.

I’m not afraid of a little extra work – for the sake of women progression and movement – are you?

In fact, I recall sitting down with a fem. friend of mine when I was 24 and discussing what I would like my career path to look like.  “Well, that’s great.” She said. “I’m sure you’ve discussed this with your boss?”

The truth is I hadn’t and I didn’t want to. It seemed desperate, boisterous, ungrateful. Success will just come to you if you keep working hard enough, right?


Especially as a woman.

Grant Thornton Losing BIG – Gender Pay Gap Reports

In a 2017 report, Grant Thornton uncovers a gender pay gap that proves larger than those of the Big Four accounting firms. However, peeling back the pay grades and demographics, the gender pay gap is attributed not to an unequal pay structure, as most companies promise they pay women workers the similarly for the same work, but to a male-dominated senior management team.

In many companies, such as with Grant Thornton, the workforce is split almost equally by gender – 51% men and 49% women, with women dominating lower levels of the workforce and men higher levels of the workforce – 64.5% at senior manager, 64.5% at associate director, and 75.9% at director. Yet, carries a mean gender pay gap of 26.56% – KPMG at 22.3%, EY at 19.7%, Deloitte at 18.2%, and PwC at 13.7%.

#MeToo Controversy Leads to Change

We watched powerful women walk this year’s Annual Golden Globe Awards adorned head to toe in black; an elegant display of support for the #MeToo movement founded by Tyrana Burke nearly ten years ago. I watched in shock as my husband scrolled through the Golden Globe pictures –  red carpet photo albums aren’t normally his thing.  But his favorite Stranger Things cast was among the dressed-in-black Hollywood stars, so it was click bait.

I Am [not] a Nice Lady

“Nice ladies aren’t in charge of things. If you’re in charge of something and you think you’re a nice lady, no one else does. There are whole email chains about how much you’re not a nice lady.” – Michelle Wolf, 2017

In her recent HBO special “Nice Lady,” Michelle Wolf asks the audience if they’re still wondering why we didn’t elect the first female president. Her dissection of Hilary’s defeat is completely politically incorrect, and in my opinion, very relevant.

“It’s because no one likes her, I voted for her I and I don’t like her… You have to be a bitch to be that powerful, nice ladies aren’t in charge of things… If you’re in charge of something and you think you’re a nice lady, no one else does… There are whole email chains about how much you’re not a nice lady…”

What The Heck Do Those Excel Formula Errors Mean?

Excel, is one of those subjects that are hard to learn without real-life examples with which to work them out. Which is why becoming an excel junkie is nearly impossible unless you are an analyst and must spend 8 hours of your 10 hour work day in excel. But there are many benefits outside of that space that warrants being familiar with and comfortable with excel.  (Read my blog here for a few of those reasons.)

And it’s not as hard as one would think.  Breaking excel down into bite-size pieces and then having the confidence and courage to try out some of these lessons can help get you going.

Personal 2018 Reading List

Welcome 2018 to a year of more growing and exploring!

Joining my North BFF in a reading challenge. Tiffany Murphy has challenged herself to read 52 books this year. Sounded like a great idea. Reading, journaling, and trying new things keep your mind sharp. I usually like to complain that I don’t have time to do anything other than, sleep, eat and work. However, that pack of lies was disbanded when I started to keep track of my Netflix binges. So, instead of letting Netflix or Amazon Prime entice me with their glorious bounty of filmmaking,  I have decided to join my friend in her challenge and read as much as I can this year!

I plan on reading anything from self-help to business development to excel master books and even the nonfiction suspense or dystopian pop-culture frenzy of the month.

Do you have any good reads that I should add to my list!? Please let me know in the comments.

The SMART New Year’s Resolution

When most people set New Year’s Resolutions, we are not very smart about them. We aim for the big-ticket items. The kind that gets us pumped up, emotional and excited.  But often, they fail us when moods, temperatures, and finances are down.  As the ‘newness’ of the New Year wears off, so does the excitement and commitment to the resolution.

I wrote before the New Year, that New Year’s Resolutions need a facelift.  To expand, this facelift can only be achieved by employing the S.M.A.R.T approach.

Mindfulness – Runaway Thoughts In 16 Degree Temp.

I watched John’s deep breaths raise the covers and drop them down again. In the window over his shoulder the North Georgia sun was peaking through. It splashed a golden spotlight on the pinewood wall that my back rest against. Regan, a sweet Great Dane barks in the near distance. I swore I head the rooster this morning, but it was much too early then.

2018 came through our window in the cozy cabin snuggly positioned across the pond on the back acre of our friend’s lot. The wood burning heater long died during the teen temperatures the night before. 2018 had come – not without warning, nor without welcome, but much too fast.

Mindfulness – Next Best Offer

You are only as good as your next best offer

When it comes to promotions, raises, and money, two of my mentors used to tell me: “you are only as good as your next best offer.”

The coaching goal was to get me to understand that no matter how truly valuable I am when it comes time to assign a dollar amount to that value, in general, and in business, it’s customary that we would receive only as great as our next best offers. Taken under the wrong light, this comment could, in fact, appear like a slap across the cheek. Further still, while exceptions to this statement are certainly not uncommon, make no mistake: we will receive in life, not only what we ask for, but said request grounded against a baseline of our next best offer.

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